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aku sedeyh la ni  

Saturday, August 09, 2008

coz what, yesterday, someone just blame me that im selfish person..if the person is odinary guy is fine.. but it is my luvly (...) so im very sad about that. y? coz he told me that i dont give the tips for test .. but he didnt know that actually i alrady took the tips n ber0707 groups.. i already email it ...

is it my mistake that not give him? or her mistake coz not alerts with email? hurm.. i never ask that is he mistake coz the hostel cant surfing internet.. but can he be patient n give me some time to fwd the mesej? coz i got the mesej at 9 am, n he blame me at 3.15, n i have with full class,.. so?

now, already 2 day dont speak anything to him.. even mesaging him, u know.. i dont like to be like this,, y? coz i luv him very much.. i care about him but..i cant say anything... now i already forgive him... but what make me waiting is the apologizing from him..i want he say sorry.. that all... now im waiting for that until bila2...

hope it will stop n buat spt sediakala...hope Allah listen my perasaan n help me and him to sedar how important in friendship...


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