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private party  

Sunday, August 03, 2008

yesterdaty,, im shock when i have one call that invite to me to come private party... they call me when im in class... hahaha.. just ignore the lecturer n answer the call rapidly... huhu so best lo...

saturday moning i take my ticket to kl n prepared to go the funtheteque the ship.. maskulin private party so hot...many event that they do n many artis come.. zehan miskin, tony yusof, norman hakim, diana daniele, nadia & kevin zahri, reporter n the guys2 from PLM in 2 batch,,, so hot guys,,, what make hot? the theme (beach wear).. hahah diana daniele is the best hottie..kekekek

so no many story.. i just took this pic to share it k.. kissess.

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